ADAPT vs ADOPT: How to Use Adopt vs Adapt Correctly?

ADAPT vs ADOPT!!! Many students confuse the words ADOPT vs ADAPT. Learn the difference between the two verbs and how to use them in English.


What’s the difference between Adapt vs Adopt?

Adapt and adopt share similar spellings, but they are not one and the same. In order to understand the differences between adopt vs adapt, let’s look at their definitions and examples.

Adapt Definition and Examples

Adapt has three definitions, all related to change.

  • Make something suitable for a new use, situation – modify something
  • Become adjusted to new conditions
  • Alter or modify the text to suit television or stage

Adapt Examples:

  • It took me a long time after college to adapt to life in the office.
  • An inability to adapt will prove an obstacle on the road to success.
  • This story has been adapted for radio from English original.
  • I adapted myself quickly to the new climates.
  • She knew how to adapt herself.
  • It is really hard for Jim to adapt to the new environment.
  • The children are finding it hard to adapt to the new school.
  • We have had to adapt quickly to the new system.

Adopt Definition and Examples

Adopt has four definitions, both related to choosing or accepting something.

  • Take someone into one’s family especially as one’s child or heir
  • Choose somebody as a candidate or representative
  • Take over and have or use something as one’s own
  • Approve – accept a report, recommendation

Adopt Examples:

  • I adopted his policy of neutrality and stayed out of trouble.
  • We are planning to adopt a child.
  • They adopted our production methods.
  • The government has adopted the committee’s suggestions to root out corruptions.
  • I have decided to adopt a child.
  • There are hundreds of people desperate to adopt a child.
  • The national assembly has voted to adopt the budget.
  • We will have to adopt a more scientific approach in the future.

Difference between Adopt vs Adapt | Infographic

Confused Words: Difference between Adapt vs Adopt


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