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THAT vs WHICH: Difference between Which vs That (with Useful Examples)

That vs Which!!! Do you know the difference between Which vs That? If you are confused about that vs which, don’t feel bad. It’s one of the most common topics people ask me about. Read carefully this lesson to understand the difference between these confused words.

That vs Which

When to Use That

That should be used to introduce a restrictive clause. A restrictive clause is one that is essential to the meaning of a sentence. If you removed it, the meaning of the sentence will change.

That Examples:

  • The movie that I just watched is a big hit in Asia.
  • The drug that we used in to block redox signaling was tempol.
  • The instructions that the researcher used were clear.
  • The car that is speeding down the road is about to crash into a pole.
  • My dog that is a Labrador loves to play fetch.

When to Use Which

Which should be used to introduce a non-restrictive or parenthetical clause. A nonrestrictive clause is one that is nonessential to the meaning of the sentence. If you removed it, the sentence would still be understood.

Which Examples:

  • They entered the shop, which was a curious ramshackle building.
  • She has inherited her father’s large nose, which is very unfortunate.
  • He advanced funds of his own to his company, which was unable to repay him.
  • This cake is made with ten eggs, which give it a rich taste.
  • My bike, which has 10 speeds, is for sale.

Difference between Which vs That | Infographic

That or Which: How to Use Which or That Correctly?

That vs WhichPin

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