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ALOT or A LOT: How to Use A Lot vs Alot Correctly?

Alot or A Lot!!! In this lesson, we will compare alot vs a lot with some useful examples and ESL infographic.

Alot or A Lot

What’s the difference between alot vs a lot?

A lot and alot only differ by a space. However, all of the terms function differently.

How to Use A Lot

A lot is a noun with an article that means “a large number” or “a great quantity”.

A Lot Examples:

  • Oh, you’ve got a lot of candies! Will you split with us?
  • He makes a lot of money selling clothes.
  • There was a lot of traffic on the roads this morning.
  • There’s a lot of danger in rock climbing.
  • The form was terribly complicated and I had a lot of trouble with it.
  • I’m glad to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.
  • Make your decision after you give it a lot of thought.
  • A lot of companies will profit from the fall in interest rates.
  • We’ve had a lot of support from all our friends and neighbors.
  • A lot of young people start taking drugs at school.

How to Use Alot

The word alot is a misspelling of a lot. It isn’t a word.

You should carefully use these two words in your writing because alot vs a lot are very different.

  • Alot is not a word.
  • A lot is the correct choice.

Difference between A Lot vs Alot | Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use Alot or A Lot

Alot or A LotPin

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Akshita Jain
Akshita Jain
3 years ago

Great.. It helped me a lot. Thanks. Everyone should try it.

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