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INVOKE vs EVOKE: How to Use Evoke vs Invoke Correctly?

Invoke vs Evoke!!! The two words evoke and invoke sound and look similar, but there is a subtle difference between them.

Invoke vs Evoke

Invoke Definition and Examples

Invoke is a verb. It means “to call upon something, especially aid, assistance, or a higher power.”

Invoke Examples:

  • This command will invoke the HELP system.
  • You invoke the basic, primeval instincts inherent in all animals.
  • I had to invoke your sacred name before he would agree to do it.

Evoke Definition and Examples

Evoke is also a verb. It means “to call forth or bring to mind.”

Evoke Examples:

  • Smells and tastes often evoke memories from the past.
  • His appearance is bound to evoke sympathy.
  • It’s said that he can evoke spirits from the other world.

Invoke vs Evoke Examples

  • I think we should invoke the penalty clause in the contract.
  • The UN threatened to invoke economic sanctions if the talks were broken off.
  • Physics is the study of simple things that do not tempt us to invoke design.
  • This JCL will invoke the proc ITSOCB, which is also generated.
  • You can invoke the spell checker directly by using spell: followed by your keyword.
  • He was an enthusiast himself and loved to evoke enthusiasm in others.
  • Her only resource was the sympathy she could evoke.
  • A scent or sound may evoke a distant episode from one’s childhood.
  • These memories may evoke in her a special need to be protected.
  • It was absurd to imagine that a modern city could still evoke that kind of magic!

Difference between Evoke vs Invoke | Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use Evoke vs Invoke

Invoke vs EvokePin

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