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DISCREET vs DISCRETE: How to Use Discrete vs Discreet in Sentences

DISCREET vs DISCRETE!!! What’s the Difference between Discrete vs Discreet?


Discreet or Discrete? How to Use Discreet vs Discrete Correctly?

These two words are homophones, which means they sound completely alike but have different meanings and spellings.

DISCREET Definition and Examples

  • Discreet is an adjective.
  • It means careful or showing good judgment in what one says or does; not too devious.

DISCREET Examples:

  • He is very discreet in giving his opinions.
  • He took her hand with discreet gentility.
  • She followed them at a discreet distance.
  • He was always very discreet about his love affairs.
  • It was not very discreet of you to ring up at the office.
  • The chauffeur gave a discreet cough.

DISCRETE Definition and Examples

  • Discrete is also an adjective.
  • It means something is distinct and separate or has a clear independent shape or form.

DISCRETE Examples:

  • The change happens in a series of discrete steps.
  • We receive our inheritance in discrete particles.
  • The function is to draw samples from an arbitrary discrete distribution.
  • The pizza came as eight discrete slices.
  • The picture consists of a lot of discrete spots of color.
  • These small companies now have their own discrete identity.

When to Usse Discrete vs Discreet | Infographic

Discreet or Discrete – Difference between Discreet vs Discrete

Discreet vs DiscretePin

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Eva Christou
Eva Christou
7 months ago

Although I was a bit confused at the beginning, this article DID clarify things a little. Especially when to use ‘discrete’, which I find to be the harder of the two words.

Eva Christou
Eva Christou
7 months ago

Altthough I DID find the explanation a little confusing in the beginning, I THINK I now understand when to use ‘discrete’ in a sentence. (‘Discrete’ is obviously the harder of the two words.)

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