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CLIP vs MAGAZINE: How to Use Magazine vs Clip Correctly?

Clip vs Magazine!!! In this article, you will learn the difference between magazine vs clip with some examples and ESL infographic.

Clip vs Magazine

Magazine vs Clip: Learn the difference between Clip and Magazine.

Clip Meaning and Examples

A clip is a piece of metal that’s stamped or machined to hold a few cartridges together. Insert rounds into the clip and the clip holds them there, ready to be inserted into the gun.

Clip Examples:

  • He rammed a clip of bullets into the gun.
  • Ammunition clips purchased after the law is enacted would be illegal.
  • He pointed the gun at her but his clip was finished.
  • Zemeckis said he was not certain where he found that clip.
  • It takes a clip of more than 10 rounds.
  • His cartridge clip was empty, except for one bullet.

Magazine Meaning and Examples

A magazine is a container of cartridges with a spring and a follower that feeds them to the receiver of the gun.

Magazine Examples:

  • Found in the car were maps, a machine gun magazine, a length of rope, and a bullwhip.
  • It bans the purchase of 45 types of assault weapons and limits gun magazines to 10 rounds.
  • Young boys sell loaded submachine gun magazines, waving down those who need refills on the road.

Difference between Clip and Magazine | Infographic

Confused Words: What’s the Difference between Clip vs Magazine?

Clip vs MagazinePin

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