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10 Most Commonly Misspelled Words in the English Language

Commonly misspelled words! Mastery of the correct spelling of words can be an ordeal, especially if English isn’t your first language. Those who have mastered English as their second language can attest to this. Although misspellings are typical, they are unacceptable in professional contexts.

If the recipient of a document or email spots spelling errors in your work, they are more likely to lose confidence in you. Constant misspelling of words is attributed to low levels of education or concentration. Spelling words correctly is the only way your audience can comprehend your message.

With that said, here are the most commonly misspelled words, as stated by the Oxford Dictionary.

Commonly Misspelled Words


This is one of the English words that’s commonly misspelled. Mastery of the correct spelling of such words can be achieved through constant practice. This word doesn’t contain the letter “a”; instead, it contains the letter “i.” Hence, to get it right, replace a with the letter “i”, and thus, the correct spelling is definitely.


During the middle ages, this was the proper spelling of the word. As the language advanced, adepts resolved to drop one “l.” The correct spelling is until—the word until is sometimes abbreviated as “til,” which is still grammatically correct. So, for those who lead ancient books, there is a likelihood that you come across this word with double ls, and that was grammatically correct in those days. However, remember, with the new version, that’s grammatically incorrect.


Although it seems commonsense, some people still misspell the word “which” for “wich.” This word tops the list of the most misspelled words in the Oxford Dictionary corpus. Failure to practice is one of the reasons why people end up misspelling even the basic words.

Hence, “which” is the correct spelling.


This is another commonly misspelled word in English. Most people fail to realize that it contains double c’s and m’s. Some write it as “accommodate,” omitting the letter “c,” while others write it as “accommodate,” omitting the letter “m.”

The correct spelling is “accommodate.” These minor spelling issues can be resolved through intensive practice.


No matter how you use it, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Misspelling such common words can make one seem inept as far as the English language is concerned. Frequent misspelling of words is treated as incompetency, which may discourage people from working with you because of the inability to convey the right message.

The correct spelling is “publicly.”


This word is often used in commercial settings, such as informing your employees to “send detached emails” to various clients. Misspelling the word can be a source of confusion to your team, which may hinder their productivity. This is because they will have to reach out to inquire about the precise intent of the message. Hence, it is imperative to spell the words correctly when delegating such a task to your juniors to avoid unnecessary confusion.

The correct spelling is separate.


Oxford Dictionary has revealed that millions of people tend to misspell the word government. It’s important to note that the word government is derived from govern. Therefore it must contain the letter “n’. If you are aware of this, it is less likely that you will misspell the word.

The correct spelling is government.


This is the other word that is wrongly spelled by millions of users. Oxford Dictionary has unraveled how challenging it is for some people to master the spelling rule. The simple rule is the letter “e” precedes “I,” and therefore, the correct spelling is “receive.’


This is another commonly misspelled word in the English language. Pronouncing seems easy, but many don’t get it right when it comes to writing on paper. Many people have only heard tales about Pharaoh but have never bothered to know how it is correctly spelled. So, in every word you hear, Google for the correct spelling of the word other than guessing all the time.

The correct spelling is “Pharaoh.”


This word resembles accommodate in that it has double consonants. In the present tense, occur has only one r, which makes it a bit confusing. However, this should not confuse you, instead get an insight of the word in various tenses. This word has double c’s and r’s, just like the word accommodate, which has double c’s and m’s by knowing that you’re less likely to get it wrong.

Hence, the correct spelling is “occurred.”

The above are some commonly misspelled words in the English language. However, it’s imperative to note the list is not limited to the above mentioned.

Commonly Misspelled Words | Infographic

Commonly Misspelled Words in the English Language

Commonly Misspelled WordsPin

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Bil Won
Bil Won
3 years ago

There are 2 cs and 2 ms in the should-have-misspelled “accommodate”s respectively making both of them spelling correct. ????

Last edited 3 years ago by Bil Won
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