THERE THEIR THEY’RE: How to Use Their vs There vs They’re in English

THERE THEIR THEY’RE!!! How to Use Their vs There vs They’re in English? Many speakers tend to get confused between There vs Their vs They’re and knowing how to use these three words correctly is an important step in learning English.


THEIR THERE THEY’RE!! What’s the difference between Their vs There vs They’re?

The words There and Their are homophones. Homophones are words that are spelled differently but pronounced the same. It is a common mistake to replace one for the other.

THERE Definition and Examples

There is an adverb which always refers to a place, whether concrete or abstract.

THERE examples:

  • How can anyone live there?
  • Let’s go there.
  • There will be a party tomorrow.
  • Do you want to sit here or there?
  • The shop you need is over there.
  • Stop right there.

THEIR Definition and Examples

Their is a possessive determiner which shows belonging or possession.

THEIR examples:

  • Let us buy their car.
  • Let us not go to their house.
  • Return their books tomorrow.
  • Their books are on the table.
  • This is their room and that is ours.
  • Where is their motorbike?

THEY’RE Definition and Examples

They’re is a contraction of the words they and are.

THEY’RE examples:

  • They’re sitting there in their car.
  • They’re going to be late.
  • The poor are rich when they’re satisfied.
  • If they’re ready, we can go.
  • They’re preparing for the presentation of a new musical.
  • I can’t believe they’re not here yet!

THEIR THERE THEY’RE – What’s the Difference? | Infographic

THERE THEIR THEY’RE – When to Use There vs Their vs They’re

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