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POSSUM vs OPOSSUM: Basic Difference between Opossum vs Possum

Possum vs Opossum!!! People often use opossum vs possum when referring to a marsupial. However, they are entirely different animals. Possums live in Australia and opossums live in the North American.

Possum vs Opossum

Possum or Opossum? What’s the difference between Opossum vs Possum?

Both the possum and opossum are marsupials, but they are completely different animals.

When to Use Possum

  • The possum lives in Australia, New Guinea, Sulawesi, New Zealand, and China.
  • You should use “possum” when referring to the animals in Australia and nearby islands.
  • A possum has 4 primary color variations: black, gold, silver-gray, and brown.

Possum Examples:

  • Marsupials include koalas, possums and kangaroos.
  • In Australia, the possum commonly hides up a gum tree when it is being chased.
  • Possums can lie comatose up to four hours, Meek says.
  • In the evening possums, owls and bats emerge to feed.
  • It is a species of cuscus, a type of possum.
  • Despite control efforts, possums now number about 70 million.

When to Use Opossum

  • The opossum lives in the North American continent, particularly on the mainland of the US.
  • You should use “opossum” when referring to the animals in the Americas.
  • An opossum has a white face and a grayish-white body.

Opossum Examples:

  • We had rabbit and squirrel, too, anything but opossum.
  • Opossum populations in the U.S. are down due to the fragmentation of their forest habitats.
  • It is like she realizes the equal meaning of life and regrets after she shot an opossum in her garden.
  • They also hunted rabbits, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons.
  • I spotted a white opossum last night in my back yard.
  • She later forgot her origins and thought that she was an opossum.

When to Use Possum or Opossum | Infographic

Commonly Confused Words: Difference between Possum vs Opossum

Possum vs OpossumPin

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