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BESIDE or BESIDES: How to Use Beside vs Besides Correctly?

BESIDE or BESIDES? Writers sometimes confuse the words Beside and Besides. Beside vs besides sound similar, but their meanings are quite different.


Beside or Besides? What’s the difference between Beside vs Besides?

BESIDE Meaning and Examples

  • Beside is a preposition.
  • It means “at the side of” or “next to“.

Beside examples:

  • He stood beside his new car proudly.
  • I keep a dictionary beside me when I am writing.
  • Will you sit beside me at dinner?
  • The barn beside the farmer’s house was falling down.

BESIDES Meaning and Examples

Besides can be used either a preposition or an adverb.

  • As a preposition, besides means “in addition to” or “apart from“.
  • As an adverb, it means “furthermore“.
  • Besides is used as a transition word in writing.

Besides examples:

  • What are you working on besides the research project?
  • There will be four of us for dinner besides Malathi.
  • She has no relatives besides an aged aunt.
  • He is my youngest child and I have three others besides.


As mentioned above, the distinction between the confused words beside vs besides is sometimes ignored. Besides can never mean “at the side of“, but beside is often used in place of besides. This can lead to misunderstanding. However, the sentence “There was no one beside him in the hall” could mean that “he” was all by himself, or that there was no one next to him.

How to Use Beside vs Besides Infographic

Beside or Besides – What is the Difference?

Beside or BesidesPin

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Uma Baskaran
Uma Baskaran
3 years ago

Is besides and besides that the same?

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