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SOMETIME vs SOME TIME: How to Use Some Time or Sometime in English?

Sometime vs Some Time!!! What’s the difference between some time vs sometime?

Sometime vs Some Time

When to use some time or sometime?

Some time and sometime both relate to time. But, they have different meanings.

When to Use Sometime

  • Sometime is an adverb or adjective.
  • It means at an unstated or unspecified time.

Sometime Examples:

  • We really should meet sometime soon to discuss the details.
  • He suggested we get together for a drink sometime.
  • I hope I’ll see you again sometime.
  • We’ll take our holiday sometime in July, I think.
  • It happened sometime last month.
  • Our house was built sometime around 1973.

When to Use Some Time

  • Some time is an expression.
  • It means a period of time, a while.

Some Time Examples:

  • I just needed some time to clear my head and refocus.
  • We have been talking about a new formation for some time.
  • They can go home and enjoy some time with their families.
  • Give it some time until he adjusts to the new situation.
  • He has been in and out of hospitals for some time.
  • At least this way he will spend some time in Chechnya.

Some Time or Sometime: Using Sometime or Some Time | Infographic

Confused Words: Difference between Sometime vs Some Time

Sometime vs Some TimePin

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