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CANNOT or CAN NOT: How to Use Can Not or Cannot in English?

Cannot or Can Not!!! What’s the difference between cannot vs can not? Reading this useful page to understand the difference between these confused words and how to use them correctly.

Cannot or Can Not

Cannot Definition and Examples

Cannot means being unable to or not being permitted to do something. It is better for formal writing.

Can’t is a contraction of cannot. 

Cannot Examples:

  • If you cannot have the best, make the best of what you have.
  • You cannot clap with one hand.
  • Friendship cannot stand always on one side.

Can Not Definition and Examples

Can not only appears separated if “not” belongs to another construction, such as “not only…but also”.

Can Not Examples:

  • They can not only compensate for declining liquor sales but can even arrest and reverse that trend.
  • It can not only reduce the complexity of software development but also improve the reusability and cooperativity of the code.
  • The utility model can not only sterilize and deodorize but also can dry, remove the dust and purify the air.

Cannot vs Can Not Examples

  • cannot find my watch, I must have lost it.
  • In her work, she cannot do without a computer.
  • Sometimes words cannot express the burden of our hearts.
  • I do not think this is the right lid for this box. I cannot fit it on.
  • We cannot survive for long without food and drink.
  • Roads can not only ruin the countryside but also divide communities.
  • Copper-binding proteins can not only protect cells from copper toxicity but also eliminate superoxide anion toxicity.
  • Merchants can not only find his favorite cross-stitch brand but also can find a framed cross-stitch box and related equipment, every second.

Can Not or Cannot: How to Use them? | Infographic

Cannot or Can Not: When to Use Can Not or Cannot

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