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CAPITAL vs CAPITOL: How to Use Capitol vs Capital in English?

CAPITAL vs CAPITOL!!! What’s the Difference between Capital and Capitol?


Capital or Capitol? When to Use Capitol or Capital?

Capital and capitol are English homophones. Learn the difference between Capitol vs Capital.

CAPITAL Definition and Examples

Capital can act as either a noun or an adjective. It has several definitions.

  • As a noun, it refers to the seat of government for a nation or state; wealth in the form of money or property or uppercase letters.
  • As an adjective, it means principal; involving financial assets; and deserving of the death penalty.

CAPITAL Examples:

  • Beijing is the capital of China.
  • We don’t have enough capital to buy new premises.
  • He argued in favor of capital punishment.
  • Do you write “Calvinist” with a capital “C”?
  • The government is eager to attract foreign capital.
  • Espionage is a capital offence in this country.

CAPITOL Definition and Examples

  • Capitol is a building or set of buildings in which a state legislature meets.
  • It can also refer to the U.S. Capitol building.

Note: When referring to the U.S. Congress’s building, Capitol should have a capital C.

CAPITOL Examples:

  • They marched in procession to the capitol building.
  • I’m going to D.C., and I want to see the Capitol.
  • Radar screens began flashing at the U. S. Capitol.
  • We’re at the Texas capitol building.
  • The U.S. Congress lies on Capitol Hill.
  • The Capitol is a magnificent building.

Capitol vs Capital – When to Use Capital or Capitol | Infographic

Capitol or Capital – How to Use Capital vs Capitol

Capital vs CapitolPin

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