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SORBET vs SHERBET: Basic Difference between Sherbet vs Sorbet

Sorbet vs Sherbet! What’s the difference between Sherbet vs Sorbet?

Sorbet vs Sherbet

Sorbet and sherbet are very similar in their base ingredients and they are both icy treats to be enjoyed at any time. Many people believe that sorbet and sherbet are the same things and there is no difference. This is not true as there are some big differences between them.

Sorbet Definition and Examples

Sorbet is defined as a frozen fruit sugar dessert made from fruits, sugar, and maybe flavorings, acid, and water.

Sorbet Examples:

  • In the freezer, it becomes a nice sorbet, he said.
  • Lemon sorbet makes a refreshing treat on a hot night.

Sherbet Definition and Examples

Sherbet is a frozen dessert made with cream, milk, buttermilk, gelatin, fruits, and sugar. It is quite rich and creamy in texture but is lighter than ice cream.

The ingredients for making this may differ from person to person depending on preference.

Sherbet Examples:

  • I suggested we stop at a bar for sherbet – the latest thing sprinkled with ginger.
  • I ordered a sherbet, not ice cream.

Sherbet vs Sorbet Examples

  • Fruit sorbet would be a refreshing end to a cookout meal.
  • She ordered a lemon sorbet.
  • Diaz says he’s going to change the dessert menu soon, adding sorbet and fresh berries.
  • The guests were drinking coffee, lemonade, or sherbet.
  • I like vanilla ice cream but I do not like lemon sherbet.
  • Sherbet lemons are hard candies filled with dry sherbet powder.

Sorbet vs Sherbet Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use Sorbet vs Sherbet

Sorbet vs SherbetPin

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