Bunny vs Rabbit

BUNNY vs RABBIT: Surprising Difference between Rabbit vs Bunny

Bunny vs Rabbit!!! Learn the difference between rabbit vs bunny with examples and ESL infographic.

Bunny vs Rabbit

There is no difference between bunny vs rabbit. A young rabbit may be called kitten or bunny.

Rabbit Definition and Examples

Rabbit is a noun. It is a type of mammal. A rabbit is a small animal with long ears and soft fur, that lives in a hole in the ground.

Rabbit Examples:

  • The rabbit disappeared in the bushes.
  • rabbit ran along the fence and darted through a gap.
  • She’s very good at magic, she can conjure a rabbit out of a hat.
  • We fed the rabbit some beetroot tops.
  • The rabbit population was decimated by the disease.
  • The rabbit looked all around, with its ears erect.

Bunny Definition and Examples

Bunny is another name for a rabbit, but it usually indicates a young rabbit, often a baby rabbit.

Bunny Examples:

  • Yes, he has a little bunny rabbit.
  • The children wanted to pat the bunny.
  • I think they should buy a bunny rabbit.
  • I held out a blue bunny rabbit I had brought for her.
  • The rabbit is known as the Easter Bunny.
  • He has a brown bunny with big, floppy ears.

Difference between Bunny and Rabbit | Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use Rabbit vs Bunny

Bunny vs Rabbit

BUNNY vs RABBIT: Surprising Difference between Rabbit vs Bunny 1

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