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ME vs MYSELF: When to Use Me or Myself (with Useful Examples)

Me vs Myself!!! Me and myself refer to the same person, but they are used differently. So, what’s the difference between me vs myself?

Me vs Myself

When to Use Me

Me is the personal pronoun that a speaker uses to refer to himself.

Me Examples:

  • Pardon me – I didn’t hear what you said.
  • Can you hold the bottom of the ladder for me?
  • Send me an e-mail when you have any news.

When to Use Myself

Myself is the reflexive pronoun that a speaker uses to refer to something the speaker does to herself, or it is used for emphasis.

Myself Examples:

  • I can express myself in good English.
  • I don’t want to encumber myself with unnecessary luggage.
  • I need to acquaint myself with the new regulations.

Me vs Myself Examples

  • He was mad with me for losing his watch.
  • Please don’t talk to me. I fall in love so easily.
  • I will call a baggage carrier to help me.
  • The police asked me questions all day.
  • He challenged me to play another tennis game.
  • I asked myself what I would have done in such a situation.
  • myself agree with you, but I can’t speak to my boss.
  • I have no one to thank for all my suffering except myself.
  • I can’t stop myself from loving you.
  • I think I’ve been very selfish. I’ve been mainly concerned with myself.

Me or Myself: What’s the Difference? | Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use Me or Myself

Me vs MyselfPin

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1 year ago

what about Matt and (me/myself) worked on a project together?

1 year ago
Reply to  Matt

It would be Matt and I worked on a project together.
That is because you are both the subject of the sentence,

1 year ago
Reply to  Emer

It would have been more instructive to Matt,, if you have given also the rule of thumb pertaining to when it proper to use me, or I, don’t you imagine?

I worked on the project vs Me worked on the project.

1 year ago

What about: “it later became clear to me/myself, and to others, that I was being unreasonable.”

Toni Young
Toni Young
10 months ago
Reply to  WordBird

It later became clear to me and to others; that I was being unreasonable.

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