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CATSUP vs KETCHUP: Useful Difference between Ketchup vs Catsup

Catsup vs Ketchup!!! Is it ketchup or catsup? You want to get it right. So when it comes to ketchup vs catsupwhich is correct?

Catsup vs Ketchup

Ketchup and catsup are just two different spellings for one thing or you can say that is a westernized version of a condiment that European introduced in the late 17th Century.

Catsup Definition and Examples

Catsup is a tomato-based condiment. The term “catsup” is common in some parts of the U.S, Latin America, Mexico.

Catsup Examples:

  • Could I have some catsup?
  • A smudge of catsup made the paint on her chin.
  • I use a special dressing and homemade catsup.

Ketchup Definition and Examples

Ketchup is the same product as catsup. The term “ketchup” is more popular in most countries.

Ketchup Examples:

  • There’s a spot of ketchup on the tablecloth.
  • Do you want some ketchup with your burger?
  • Mix the soured cream with ketchup and tomatoes.

Catsup vs Ketchup Examples

  • He had spilled catsup on his shirtfront.
  • A woman was trying to exert to get the catsup to come out of the bottle.
  • Add oxtails, 3 cups water, soy sauce, wine, and catsup and bring to boil.
  • He had propped open the slit that dishes passed through into the kitchen with a catsup bottle.
  • In 1991, salsa sales surpassed catsup in the United States.
  • He squirted some ketchup on his fries.
  • I can’t get the ketchup to come out of the bottle.
  • Does anybody else need some ketchup on something?
  • You’d look very stylish if it wasn’t for that smear of ketchup on your shirt.
  • There was a crusty ring around the rim of the ketchup bottle.

Ketchup vs Catsup: What’s the Difference? | Infographic

Confused Words: Difference between Catsup vs Ketchup

Catsup vs KetchupPin

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