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ELICIT vs ILLICIT: How to Get Illicit vs Elicit Right?

ELICIT vs ILLICIT!!! What’ the difference between Illicit vs Elicit? Elicit and Illicit are homophones, but they have different spellings and meanings and one must be careful about using them.


Although both words may sound and look similar, elicit and illicit have very distinct uses and meanings. They are completely different parts of speech. Despite this fact, some people still misuse these words and such errors can easily be found online.

ELICIT Meaning and Examples

Elicit is a verb. It is a synonym of Evoke. It means to draw something out of someone, by coaxing or pleading or urging.

Elicit examples:

  • I elicited the truth of the case.
  • They were able to elicit the support of the public.
  • In ten minutes, I had elicited all their family history.
  • Neither seemed able to elicit any information.
  • His father was unable to elicit a response from him on the matter.

ILLICIT Meaning and Examples

Illicit is an adjective. It is a synonym of Illegal. It means illegal or forbidden.

Illicit examples:

  • They were prosecuted for illicit sale of drugs.
  • He had an illicit association with Jane.
  • She slipped outside for an illicit cigarette.
  • Illicit diamond exports are said to be worth over $200 million.
  • He was thrown into prison for smuggling illicit weapons into the country.

ILLICIT vs ELICIT | Infographic

How to Use Elicit vs Illicit?

Elicit vs IllicitPin

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Linda Okorie
Linda Okorie
3 years ago

This Is So Elightening. Thank U

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