Emigrate vs Immigrate: How to Use Immigrate vs Emigrate Correctly 1Pin

Emigrate vs Immigrate: How to Use Immigrate vs Emigrate Correctly

EMIGRATE vs IMMIGRATE!!! What’s the Difference between Immigrate vs Emigrate?

Emigrate vs Immigrate

Confused words: Immigrate vs Emigrate? What’s the difference between Immigrate and Emigrate?

Emigrate Definition and Examples

  • Emigrate is a verb.
  • It means to leave one country or region to settle in another.

Emigrate Examples:

  • They planned to emigrate.
  • In order to survive, the Prophet decided to emigrate.
  • Next year our entire family will emigrate to America.
  • I’ll emigrate to the western woods.
  • You said that you wanted to emigrate to Brazil.
  • He’s decided to emigrate and start a new life in America.
  • Many people had to emigrate during the Nazi period.
  • We won’t grant a visa to you because you have the tendency to emigrate.

Immigrate Definition and Examples

  • Immigrate is also a verb.
  • It means to move into a non-native country or region to live.

Immigrate Examples:

  • He decided to immigrate to Australia to find work.
  • When did the Greeks immigrate to Australia?
  • They plan to immigrate to Finland next year.
  • His father and mother immigrated when he was two.
  • They had no choice but to immigrate.
  • Only a few plants can immigrate to the island.
  • Tom immigrates into the United State.
  • It’s hard to say if her daughter shall immigrate into Italy.

Difference between Emigrate and Immigrate | Infographic

Emigrate vs Immigrate – Difference between Immigrate and Emigrate

Emigrate vs ImmigratePin

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Ashim sutradhar
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