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I vs ME: How to Use Me vs I in English

I vs ME!!! What’s the difference between Me vs I? Speakers of English often use I and me in place of each other. The difference is actually very simple. Allow us to explain.

I vs ME

When to Use I or ME?

I and Me have the same definitions, but they are in a different grammatical case.

When to Use I

  • I functions as a subjective pronoun.
  • It is used as the subject of a verb.

I Examples:

  • I want to watch a movie.
  • This is the house I want to buy.
  • Sudhir and I will go to Delhi.
  • You and I will play today.
  • Tom and I are going to the movies.
  • I am studying for a Russian test.
  • You and I need to get ready.

When to Use ME

  • Me functions as an objective pronoun.
  • It is used as the object of a verb or as the object of a preposition.

ME Examples:

  • He asked me to drive.
  • He gave me the key.
  • David told me to leave.
  • Ashley went to lunch with Molly and me.
  • My math teacher encouraged me to come for extra help after school.
  • She asked me to bring my homework.
  • Mom bought a snack for me.

Difference between ME vs I | Infographic

Confused Words: I vs ME – When to Use I or ME

I vs MEPin

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