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AWHILE vs A WHILE: How to Use A While vs Awhile Correctly?

AWHILE vs A WHILE!!! What’s the Difference between A While vs Awhile?


Awhile or A While? When to Use A While or Awhile.

A While and Awhile are commonly confused words in the English language.

AWHILE Definition and Examples

  • Awhile functions strictly as an adverb.
  • It means “for a period of time“.

AWHILE Examples:

  • He worked awhile as a pharmacist in Cincinnati.
  • I waited awhile, then I rang again.
  • I read awhile, then slept.
  • So sit down and stay awhile.
  • I want to take time off to rest awhile.
  • Her aunt looked at her awhile with genial acuteness.

A WHILE Definition and Examples

When A While is two words, a is an article and while is a noun meaning “a period of time.”

A WHILE Examples:

  • They were silent for a while.
  • We discoursed at the gate for a while.
  • I’ll be back in a while.
  • We meet for lunch once in a while.
  • The music became monotonous after a while.
  • Let’s sit here and visit together for a while.

A WHILE vs AWHILE – When to Use Awhile or A While | Infographic

A While or Awhile – Difference between Awhile vs A While

Awhile vs A WhilePin

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