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LAY vs LIE: How to Use Lie vs Lay Correctly?

Lay vs Lie!!! Learn the difference between confused words lie vs lay with example sentences and ESL infographic.

Lay vs Lie

Lay or Lie? When to use Lie or Lay? Learn how to use “lie”, how to use “lay, and way to remember the difference with some useful examples.

Lay Meanings and Examples

  • Lay is a transitive verb.
  • It means to set something in a resting position.

Lay Examples:

  • Several boats lay at anchor in the harbor.
  • lay there listening to the clock ticking.
  • The drug-traffickers have offered to lay down their arms.
  • He laid the book on the bookshelf a moment ago.
  • She laid out all her new clothes on the bed.
  • They laid down their weapons and surrendered.

Lie Meanings and Examples

  • Lie is an intransitive verb.
  • It means to recline or to rest in a flat position.
  • Lie also means to tell something untrue.

Lie Examples:

  • I’d like to lie down for a while.
  • We lie in the sunshine for hours, getting a tan.
  • It was a Sunday, so she could lie in till almost lunch time.
  • He went to lie down after a long journey.
  • “Don’t lie“, she jerked out.
  • I believed her-for surely she would not lie to me.

When to Use Lie vs Lay | Infographic

Lay or Lie – What’s the Difference between Lay vs Lie?

Lay vs LiePin

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