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WHOSE vs WHO’S: How to Use Who’s vs Whose Correctly

WHOSE vs WHO’S!!! What’s Difference between Who’s vs Whose? Whose and Who’s may sound the same, but it’s hard to spell them correctly. Use the resources and examples here to help you sort out the differences between Whose and Who’s and when to use them.


WHOSE or WHO’S? When to Use Who’s or Whose?

Whose and who’s are a pair of homophones, meaning they sound the same, but mean different things.

WHOSE Definition and Examples

  • Whose is the possessive form of the pronoun who
  • It means belonging to or associated with which person.
  • In a sentence, it usually appears before a noun.

WHOSE Examples:

  • She’s an artist whose work I really admire.
  • Whose idea is it?
  • Whose turn is it to buy the drinks?
  • The men whose names were called left the room.
  • Whose is this bag?
  • Whose name is after yours on the list?
  • Whose keys are on the kitchen counter?
  • She’s the student whose handwriting is the best in my class.

WHO’S Definition and Examples

Who’s is a contraction of who is or who has.

WHO’S Examples:

  • Who’s the woman in the black hat?
  • The man who’s just walked out is Tom.
  • Who’s the governor of this country?
  • Who’s been to Florida?
  • It really depends on who’s in charge.
  • This is my brother, who’s an accountant.
  • It really depends on who’s in charge.
  • I don’t know who’s splintered the plates?

Whose or Who’s – Difference between Who’s vs Whose | Infographic

Who’s or Whose – When to Use Whose vs Who’s

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