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MACRO vs MICRO: What’s the Difference between Micro and Macro?

Macro vs Micro! The basic difference between micro and macro is that macro is on a large scale and cannot be observed while micro is on a very small scale and can be observed or identified.

Macro vs Micro

Macro and micro look and sound similar. They have related but opposite meanings.

When to Use Macro

Macro acts as either an adjective or prefix that means “on a very large scale“.

Macro Examples:

  • macro virus spreads by infecting Microsoft Word or Excel documents.
  • He photographed this using a macro lens.

When to Use Micro

Micro also acts as either an adjective or prefix, but it means “very small“.

Micro Examples:

  • These organizations imitate the government at a micro-scale.
  • The vital task was to allow the economy to operate freely at a micro-level.

Micro vs Macro Examples

  • Mr. Heeks, a student, used a macro camera to get in close and had to wait patiently for a windless day.
  • The capital market has always been regarded as the “weatherglass” of the macro economy.
  • Includes macro shots with a variety of caustics, reflections, refractions, lighting, and more.
  • The determination of micro beryllium in scheelite by polarography was studied.
  • The structural parametric design of micro deformable mirrors was finished and performances were obtained by system-level simulation.
  • Our office micro interface with the mainframe computer in London.

Macro vs Micro Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use Macro vs Micro

Macro vs MicroPin

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