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LESS vs FEWER: How to Use Fewer vs Less in English?

Less vs Fewer!!! What’s the difference between Fewer vs Less? Learn the difference between less vs fewer and how to use them correctly with examples and ESL infographic.

Less vs Fewer

Less or Fewer? When do you use Fewer or Less?

Fewer and less are two commonly confused words in English. They are used to refer to the same thing.

How to Use Less

  • Less is used with uncountable nouns, usually abstract nouns, such as light, beauty, music, money, opinion, etc.
  • It is also used with adjectives or adverbs.

Less Examples:

  • People get less fertile as they get older.
  • The moon yields less light than the sun.
  • He is paid less than he really earns.
  • We have less infantry and armor than the enemy.
  • People should eat less fat to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • The raft would be more buoyant if it was less heavy.

How to Use Fewer

Fewer is used with countable nouns, such as cookies, animals, students, friends, tables, players, clothes, etc.

Fewer Examples:

  • Women commit fewer crimes than men.
  • There seem to be fewer tourists around this year.
  • Fewer students are opting for science courses nowadays.
  • In 1790 the new nation had fewer than four million people.
  • I eat less chocolate and fewer biscuits than I used to.
  • There are fewer cars parked outside than yesterday.

Less or Fewer | Difference between Fewer vs Less | Infographic

When to Use Fewer or Less

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