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FRESHMAN or FRESHMEN: Basic Difference between Freshman vs Freshmen

Freshman or Freshmen!!! What’s the difference between freshman vs freshmen?

Freshman or Freshmen

Both freshman and freshmen are used to refer to a student in the first year of high school, college, or university. Freshman is a singular noun whereas freshmen is a plural noun. A freshman is a freshman, never a freshmen. It’s just the same as with woman vs women.

When to Use Freshman

Freshman is the singular noun.

Freshman Examples:

  • Jack decided to live in during his freshman year at college.
  • He’s a freshman at Harvard.
  • My freshman year, the presentation was not good.
  • I wish I could start all and turn back to my freshman life.
  • The freshman expresses his thoughts inarticulately.
  • It took quite a long time for a freshman to orient himself.

When to Use Freshmen

Freshmen is the plural form of freshman.

Freshmen Examples:

  • He needs to take advantage of the speed of the freshmen.
  • They cannot play, practice or receive financial aid as freshmen.
  • Zack and Cody are freshmen at Brooklyn College.
  • Harrick planned to meet with his freshmen last Monday before practice.
  • There were hundreds of new freshmen at the student orientation this weekend.
  • In some ways, they’re like typical college freshmen.

When to Use Freshmen or Freshman | Infographic

Confused Words: How to Use freshman or Freshmen

Freshman or FreshmenPin

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