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CONCAVE vs CONVEX: How to Use Convex vs Concave Correctly?

Concave vs Convex!!! What’s the difference between convex vs concave? What does concave vs convex mean? Learn the definitions of these two words and how to use them in sentences with examples and ESL infographic.

Concave vs Convex

Convex and concave are most commonly used as adjectives to describe the surface of a shape.

Concave Definition and Examples

  • Concave is an adjective.
  • It describes a shape that curves inwards.

Concave Examples:

  • The whole group of ribs is made into an inverted concave cone.
  • The snow presents a concave shape.
  • There is a concave rose garden of ground down inside his courtyard.
  • The upper side is concave and the lower side is flat.
  • This concave shape will help disperse sound and increase intelligibility.
  • Falco believed it’s more likely that artists used concave mirrors.
  • The tail is quite mellow, and concave too.

Convex Definition and Examples

  • Convex is also an adjective.
  • It describes a shape that curves outwards.

Convex Examples:

  • I wouldn’t say your stomach was big — it’s just slightly convex.
  • The convex surfaces face toward the left.
  • This paper proves the equivalent relation of two definitions of a convex function.
  • A particular convex polygon with seven sides has exactly one right angle.
  • He published his work on the differential geometry of convex curves.
  • The cap is convex and it has remnants of the membrane.
  • The convex side is pointed toward the enemy.

When to Use Convex vs Concave | Infographic

Confused Words: Difference between Concave vs Convex

Concave vs ConvexPin

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