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ADVICE vs ADVISE: Difference between Advise vs Advice?

ADVICE vs ADVISE!!! What’s the difference between Advise vs Advice? Advise and Advice are homophones in English. They have a very similar spelling, but they are pronounced differently.


Advice or Advise? When to Use Advice or Advise?

Advice is pronounced with an “S” sound at the end. Advise is pronounced with a “Z” sound at the end.

Using Advice | Advice Definition and Examples

  • Advice acts as a noun, defined as “an opinion or suggestion about what someone should do” or “a formal note giving information about a transaction“.
  • It is pronounced with an ending sounding like “ice“.

Advice Example Sentences:

  • You should listen to your father’s advice.
  • I need your advice on what to wear for my job interview.
  • Mohan is the best person to ask for advice on cars.
  • We have received the advice that the goods had been dispatched.

Using Advise | Advise Definition and Examples

  • Advise acts as a verb. It means “to recommend, give advice to” or “inform or notify someone”.
  • It is pronounced with an ending sounding like “ize“.

Advise Example Sentences:

  • My father advised me to join the army.
  • The doctor advised Sumit to quit smoking.
  • Mohan advised me to buy a diesel car.
  • Please keep me advised of what is going on here.

Advise vs Advice – When to Use Advise or Advice | Infographic

Advise or Advice – Difference between Advice vs Advise


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