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COLLEGE vs UNIVERSITY: Big Difference between University vs College

College vs university! If you are wondering whether to attend a community college or a university, you should have a solid understanding of the major differences between the two.

College vs University

University Meaning and Examples

Universities are typically larger and always more complex institutions comprised of degree-granting entities at different levels of study: four-year undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral/professional degree. Each level includes distinct colleges or programs defined by curricula that are specific to that college.

They generally offer programs that result in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees and take longer to complete (4+ years).

Universities are more expensive than colleges. They tend to be much pickier when it comes to admissions. Universities almost always offer housing to students in the form of dorms and on-campus apartment complexes. Meal plans are also offered at most universities.

Universities tend to have much larger class sizes due to the number of students that attend the school.

University Examples:

  • The university conferred its highest degree on the statesman.
  • At university, she developed an interest in etymology.
  • They lacked the money to send him to university.

College Meaning and Examples

A college offers a relatively simple institutional structure. It does not have multiple levels of study nor divisions within its program of study. More importantly, all of its resources are devoted to undergraduate education.

Colleges are sometimes referred to as “2-year colleges” and mostly offer associate’s degree programs that you can typically complete in two years or less, depending on enrollment status.

Colleges are much cheaper than universities. They typically have much less strict admission requirements than universities. Colleges usually don’t offer housing to students.

Since colleges usually have a much lower overall student population, class sizes are also much smaller.

College Examples:

  • I’ve put in an application to the college.
  • He’s a third-year student at the College of Art.
  • The teaching staff of this college is excellent.

University vs College Examples

  • She really wished she’d stayed on at college.
  • His mother and father are both college teachers.
  • My teacher’s influence made me study science at college.
  • She studied architecture and art history at the university.
  • Her dream to enter the famous university comes true.
  • He won a scholarship to Harvard University.

College vs University Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use College vs university

College vs universityPin

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