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WHO vs WHOM: How to Use Who or Whom in English

WHO vs WHOM!!! What’s the difference between Whom vs Who? Many English speakers confuse the words “who” and “whom” and tend to use them interchangeably which is often incorrect.


WHOM or WHO? When do you use Whom vs Who?

Both who and whom are interrogative pronouns. The key difference between who and whom is that who is used in place of the subject of the sentence and whom is used in place of the object of the sentence.

When to Use WHO

Who replaces the subject of the sentence.

WHO Examples:

  • Who told you?
  • Who is singing?
  • Who made these awesome quesadillas?
  • Who wants to eat?
  • Who hit Sanjiv?
  • Who are you?
  • Who would like to go on vacation?

When to Use WHOM

Whom replaces the object of the sentence.

WHOM Examples:

  • Whom are you talking about?
  • Whom is this food for?
  • To whom was the letter addressed?
  • With whom did you go to the market?
  • Whom did Rajiv hit?
  • Whom do you believe?
  • I met a man with whom I used to work.

WHO or WHOM | Infographic

WHOM vs WHO – Difference between Who vs Whom

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Reijane Souza Albuquerque
Reijane Souza Albuquerque
3 years ago

Muitíssimo interessante,eu desconhecia esta palavra “whom” ,estou aprendendo este idioma , e é maravilhoso quando aprendemos algo novo,estou intusiasmada,quero aprender mais e mais,até me tornar fluente,pois nunca é tarde não é mesmo.

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