BARE vs BEAR: How to Use Bear vs Bare in a Sentence 1Pin

BARE vs BEAR: How to Use Bear vs Bare in a Sentence

BARE vs BEAR!!! How to Use Bear vs Bare Correctly? Bare and Bear are homophones, it means they sound the same but are spelled differently.


BARE or BEAR? When to Use Bear or Bare?

BARE Definition and Examples

Bare has several definitions.

  • As an adjective, it refers to the lacking of usual or appropriate covering or clothing.
  • As a verb, it means to make bare, uncover, reveal, or expose.

BARE Examples:

  • They attacked him with their bare hands.
  • Don’t walk around outside in your bare feet.
  • The room was bare and empty.
  • I can’t bare it anymore.
  • When frightened, the dog bares his teeth.

BEAR Definition and Examples

Bear also has several meaning.

  • As a noun, it means a large, furry mammal.
  • As a verb, it has many different meanings: to holdto supportto exhibitto carry oneself in a specified wayto endureto give birth to, and to yield fruit.

BEAR Examples:

  • These columns bear the weight of the roof.
  • I don’t bear any grudge against you.
  • This apple tree bears fruit every fall.
  • I can’t bear having cats in the house.
  • I can’t bear to see her cry.

Bare or Bear – Difference between Bear vs Bare | Infographic

Bare vs Bear – When to Use Bear or Bare

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BARE vs BEAR: How to Use Bear vs Bare in a Sentence 2Pin

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9 months ago

Struggle with “I can’t bare it any more.”
Doesn’t seem to agree with the explanation.

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