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INTO vs IN TO: How to Use In to vs Into in English Sentences

Into vs In to!!! The space bar is so important because it can change one word, such as INTO, to two words: IN TO. So, what’s the difference between these confused words? How to use them correctly?

Into vs In to

One space makes all the difference in meaning and usage.

When to Use Into

Into is a preposition. It is used to express the relationship between nouns, pronouns, or phrases and other words within a sentence. It indicates the movement of something toward something else.

Into Examples:

  • Cut the vegetables into thin strips.
  • I have not entered into any financial agreements with them.
  • Hospital bills had made deep inroads into her savings.

When to Use In to

In to is frequently made up of parts of verb phrases. Sometimes “in” is the end of a phrasal verb, while “to” follows it.

In to Examples:

  • I can’t come in to work today.
  • You need to log in to post a comment.
  • We were just passing through and thought we’d drop in to see you.

In to vs Into Examples

  • Philip went into his room and shut the door behind him.
  • He took a small key from his pocket and slowly inserted it into the lock.
  • You should put more effort into your work.
  • The ship had to be towed into the harbor.
  • Should I tuck my shirt into my trousers?
  • You can use the above account name to log in to Steam.
  • Be sure to tune in to next week’s show.
  • I tune in to the film channel every night.
  • I generally get in to work by 8.00.
  • Scavenging crabs move in to feed on dead tubeworms.

How to Use In to vs Into Correctly? | Infographic

Into or In to: Difference between Into vs In to

Into vs In toPin

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