EACH vs EVERY: How to Use Each and Every in English?

EACH vs EVERY!!! What’s the difference between Each and Every? Learn how to use them in English with examples and ESL infographic.


What’s the Difference between Each and Every?

They are determiners, words that are “used with singular nouns to indicate quantity”.

How to Use Each

The word each can be used alone or before an of-phrase.

  • Can be used for two persons or things
  • Can be used as a pronoun
  • Can be used before a verb

EACH Examples:

  • Jessica wore anklets on each ankle.
  • He wore multiple bracelets on each hand
  • There are 5 worksheets. Please take one of each.
  • The students each received a free copy of the magazine.
  • You should allocate the same amount of time to each question.

How to Use Every

  • Every is used for three or more persons or things.
  • It has to be used before a noun.
  • It is used to refer to repeated, regular events.

EVERY Examples:

  • They enjoyed every minute of their holidays.
  • We meet every so often
  • I get a health check-up done every six months.
  • She sat in the corner, watching my every move.
  • I had to take a water break after every other set.

Difference between Each and Every Infographic

Commonly Confused Words: Should You Use Each vs Every?


EACH vs EVERY: How to Use Each and Every in English? 1

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