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PLAIN vs PLANE: How to Use Plane vs Plain in English

PLAIN vs PLANE!!! How to Use Plane vs Plain Correctly? Learn the difference between Plain and Plane.


What’s the difference between Plain vs Plane?

Plain and plane are homophones, they can sometimes be tricky words that are easily confused.

PLAIN Definition and Examples

  • Plain is an adjective which means simple and ordinary looking, with no decorations.
  • It is also used as an adverb to emphasize something.
  • As a noun, plain is also used to define a large flat area, with fewer trees.

PLAIN Examples:

  • She is wearing a plain dress.
  • I want a plain black jumper with no fancy trimmings.
  • In general, a plain carpet makes a room look bigger.
  • I mean, you took the wrong way home, that’s plain stupid.
  • He likes to wear plain clothes.
  • High mountains rise above the plain.
  • The problem is quite plain to us.
  • The railway runs across the plain.

PLANE Definition and Examples

  • Plane is a noun, commonly used to describe an airplane.
  • In mathematical terms, it is used to define a flat surface where a straight line joining two points can wholly lie.

PLANE Examples:

  • The plane is flying high, above the sky.
  • Two planes intersect each other in a three-dimensional surface.
  • We convinced Anne to go by plane.
  • The plane took off at 8.30 a.m.
  • He went to New York by plane.
  • He flew his private plane to Florida.
  • The plane began its descent into Paris.
  • He checked their names off as they went aboard the plane.

When to Use Plane vs Plain | Infographic

Plane vs Plain – What’s the Difference between Plain vs Plane?

Plain vs PlanePin

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