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LEARNT vs LEARNED: How to Use Learned vs Learnt Correctly?

LEARNT vs LEARNED!!! How to Use Learned vs Learnt in English? Learn the difference between the verbs Learnt and Learned.


Learned or Learnt? What’s the difference between Learnt or Learned?

Learned is used in both British English vs American English, while learnt is more common in British English.

When to Use LEARNT

Outside America, learnt is more common, but learned is generally accepted.

LEARNT Examples:

  • She recited a poem that she had learnt at school.
  • We learnt about the geography of Australia.
  • I learnt to drive when I was 17.
  • We have not yet learnt to punctuate correctly.
  • learnt to sew at school.
  • The child has not learnt his ABC.
  • Speech is learnt in the first years of life.

When to Use LEARNED

In America, learned dominates. The use of learnt as the past tense or past participle of to learn is considered a spelling mistake by many.

LEARNED Examples:

  • She recited a poem that she had learned at school.
  • We learned about the geography of Australia.
  • learned to drive when I was 17.
  • We have not yet learned to punctuate correctly.
  • learned to sew at school.
  • Something is learned every time a book is opened.
  • She learned to accept criticism without rancor.

Learned vs Learnt – How to Use Learned or Learnt | Infographic

British vs American Spelling – Learnt vs Learned

Learnt vs LearnedPin

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