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MAYBE vs MAY BE: How to Use May Be vs Maybe in English?

Maybe vs May Be!!! When do you use May Be vs Maybe? In this lesson, we will study the difference between maybe vs may be and how to use them in English sentences with examples and ESL infographic.

Maybe vs May Be

Maybe or May Be – What’s the Difference?

Maybe has a near homophone in the phrase May Be. Many writers often confused when using maybe and may be because both may be and maybe are used to talk about the possibility.

Maybe Definition and Examples

  • Maybe is an adverb.
  • It refers to the possibility.
  • It is a synonym of possibly and perhaps.

Maybe Examples:

  • Maybe you are right and I am wrong.
  • There are scores of people there, maybe eighty or more.
  • We go there maybe once or twice a month.
  • Maybe someday you’ll both meet again.
  • Maybe you’ll have better luck next time.
  • Maybe he’s trying to cool off out there in the rain.

May Be Definition and Examples

  • May be also refers to the possibility, but it is a verb phrase, rather than an adverb.
  • It consists of the verbs may and be.

May Be Examples:

  • He that falls today may be up again tomorrow.
  • Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today.
  • A bird may be known by its song.
  • Mercy to the criminal may be cruelty to the people.
  • Business may be troublesome, but idleness is pernicious.
  • They may be in for some bad weather.

Difference between May Be vs Maybe | Infographic

Maybe or May Be – When to Use Maybe vs May Be

Maybe vs May BePin

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