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ROW vs COLUMN: Basic Difference between Column vs Row

Row vs column! What’s the difference between row and column? The key difference is that a row is horizontally arranged in a straight line from left to right, while a column is vertically divided from top to bottom.

Row vs Column

Row Meaning and Examples

A row is a horizontal line of entries in a table. Rows are arranged from left to right. In Excel, it is labeled by numbers.

Row Examples:

  • The usher seated them in the front row.
  • A long row is very tiring.
  • The students stood in a row.

Column Meaning and Examples

A column is a vertical data list in a table.​ Columns are divided from top to bottom. In Excel, it is labeled alphabetically or by letters.

Column Examples:

  • This column displays the title of the mail message.
  • Add the column of figures and divide the sum by three.
  • To obtain the overall score, add up the totals in each column.

Column vs Row Examples

  • The teacher told the children to stand in a row.
  • We were sitting in the back row.
  • Can you and Phil change round? You’re too tall to stand in the front row.
  • She must not read this column!
  • The cumulative totals for each column are also entered.
  • The solution is then allowed to run through the column.

Row vs Column Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use Row vs Column

Row vs ColumnPin

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Cameron McKenzie
Cameron McKenzie
2 years ago

I always like to use the periodic table as an example of rows and columns.
Rows go left to right and columns go top to bottom. And relationships exist both ways.

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