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CRITERIA vs CRITERION: Useful Difference between Criterion vs Criteria

Criteria vs Criterion!!! Do you confuse the words criterion vs criteria? Read this useful article to advance your writing skills by learning the difference between them with examples and ESL infographic.

Criteria vs Criterion

When to Use Criterion

Criterion is a singular noun. It means a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided.

Criterion Examples:

  • Academic ability is not the sole criterion for admission to the college.
  • By this criterion, very few people are suitable.
  • The first-best criterion relates only to allocative efficiency.
  • Success in making money is not always a good criterion for success in life.
  • We shall refer to this as the minimum variance criterion.
  • This sounds like a criterion for literary language.
  • This third criterion is related to whether you feel this new person is friend or foe.
  • Our criterion for assessing the models is simple.

When to Use Criteria

Criteria is the plural form of the word criterion.

Criteria Examples:

  • She failed to meet the stringent selection criteria.
  • The bank is reassessing its criteria for lending money.
  • What are the criteria of success for a training scheme?
  • People use different criteria for judging success at school.
  • The school’s performance is measured against a strict set of criteria.
  • Five criteria must be met before merger accounting may be used.
  • The criteria for budget deficits and public debt require spending cuts.
  • The scope of their action is fixed by universally applicable criteria.

Difference between Criterion vs Criteria | Infographic

Confused Words: How to Use Criteria vs Criterion in English

Criteria vs CriterionPin

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