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EVERYDAY vs EVERY DAY: How to Use Every Day vs Everyday Correctly?

Everyday vs Every Day!!! Every day and everyday are commonly misused words in the English language. This lesson shows the difference between every day vs everyday and how to use them correctly.

Everyday vs Every Day

Everyday or Every day? How do you use Everyday vs Every Day?

Everyday Definition and Examples

  • Everyday is an adjective.
  • It refers to commonplace, ordinary, usual, or normal.

Everyday Examples:

  • Robbery is now an everyday occurrence.
  • She wanted to escape the monotony of her everyday life.
  • A school is an everyday event for most children.
  • Choose illustrative examples from the children’s everyday experience.
  • I like her common-sense approach to everyday problems.
  • Warhol used everyday items like the raw ingredients of his art.

Every Day Definition and Examples

  • Every day is an adverbial phrase.
  • It refers to daily, each day.

Every day Examples:

  • I feel drowsy after lunch every day.
  • This train conveys over one thousand passengers every day.
  • The secretary has a large amount of mail to answer every day.
  • People used to come and visit him every day.
  • We work every day except Sunday.
  • They lay on free entertainment at the club every day.

Every Day vs Everyday Difference | Infographic

Everyday or Every Day – When to Use Every Day or Everyday

Everyday vs Every DayPin

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Shuravi Saha
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