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WONDER vs WANDER: How to Use Wonder vs Wander Correctly

Wonder vs Wander!!! Although wonder and wander are two different words, sometimes learners confuse them because they sound similar. This interesting lesson will help you understand the difference between wonder vs wander and how to use them.

Wonder vs Wander

These words sound similar, but they are NOT homophones.

Wonder Meaning and Examples

Wonder functions as a verb or a noun.

1. As a verb, it means to ponder, to feel curious, or to want to know something. For example:

  • I often wonder what future generations will make of our efforts.
  • I was just beginning to wonder where you were.
  • Jack says he didn’t do it, but I still wonder.
  • wonder why James is always late for school.
  • Do you often wonder about the future of the world?

2. As a noun, it refers to a feeling of amazement.

  • They were filled with wonder when they saw the spaceship.
  • There aren’t any words to express properly all the wonder that I feel.
  • Togetherness is the new wonder ingredient in marriage.
  • It was a time filled with wonder that I’ll always remember.
  • The boys looked at the conjuror in silent wonder.

Wander Meaning and Examples

Wander has several meanings.

1. As a verb, it means to walk without destination or purpose.

  • I’ll wander around the mall for half an hour.
  • He allowed his mind to wander.
  • Visitors are free to wander through the gardens and woods.
  • He likes to wander over the countryside.
  • I began to wander through the room from object to object.

2. As a noun, it indicates the act of wandering.

  • I went to the park and had a wander around.
  • I had a bit of a wander around the shops.
  • She went for a little wander around the park.
  • A wander around any market will reveal stalls piled high with vegetables.
  • While you’re in your meeting I can take a wander around the city.

When to Use Wonder vs Wander | Infographic

Confused Words: Difference between Wonder vs Wander

Wonder vs WanderPin

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