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SMOKY or SMOKEY: How to Use Smokey or Smoky in English?

Smoky or Smokey!!! Smokey or Smoky – Which is the correct spelling?

Smoky or Smokey

Both spellings are listed in the definition.

Smoky Meaning and Examples

Smoky is an adjective. It is the standard and more frequent spelling.

Smoky Examples:

  • The air had grown thick and smoky.
  • The street began smoky and dark.
  • Firefighters use special breathing equipment in smoky buildings.

Smokey Meaning and Examples

Smokey is a proper noun and first name. Recently, it is an accepted spelling of “smoky” in the definition.

Smokey Examples:

  • I remember standing in the district court before old Smokey Lewis.
  • He shoved through the booth and ran through the smokey drizzle for the entrance.
  • It is typically mild, finely grained, smokey cooked salami.

Smokey or Smoky Examples

  • It’s terribly smoky in here – I’m just going out for a breath of fresh air.
  • The corridor opened into a low smoky room.
  • Cooking with the lid on gives the food that distinctive smoky flavor.
  • It’s really smoky and noisy with this traffic.
  • The air was so smoky that it was difficult to breathe.
  • At length, criticism of the Smokey Bear campaign began to mount.
  • He also owns a restaurant in East London called Smokey Tails.
  • Heat oil in a 14-inch wok or large skillet until smokey.
  • In the morning it looks like a smokey haze is hanging over the hills.
  • The color of the flowers gave a sparkle to the smokey air.

Difference between Smokey or Smoky | Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use Smoky or Smokey

smoky or smokeyPin

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