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SELL vs SALE: What’s the Difference between Sale vs Sell?

SELL vs SALE!!! When to Use Sale or Sell? Learn the difference between sale vs sell.


Sell or Sale? How to Use Sell vs Sale in English Sentences?

When to Use SELL

  • Sell is a verb.
  • It is used to give something in exchange for money.

SELL Examples:

  • We should be able to sell the house at a profit.
  • This shop is licensed to sell tobacco.
  • The restaurant applied for a license to sell wine.
  • We sell quality tools at the right price.
  • We shall have to fix the house up before we can sell it.
  • He had to sell his car to repay the bank loan.
  • They sell all kinds of things.
  • It is illegal to sell alcohol to children.

When to Use SALE

  • Sale is a noun.
  • It is a period during which a shop or dealer sells goods at reduced prices.

SALE Examples:

  • The sale of cigarettes or alcohol is forbidden.
  • Tickets are on sale from the booking office.
  • The sale was transacted in conditions of the greatest secrecy.
  • All the proceeds from the sale will go to charity.
  • He got four pounds from the sale of his drawing.
  • The shoe shop is having a sale this week.
  • I haven’t made a sale all week.
  • The use and sale of marijuana remain illegal.

Sale or Sell – When to Use Sale vs Sell | Infographic

Sell or Sale – Difference between Sell vs Sale

Sell vs SalePin

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3 years ago

Isn’t sell also a noun? When is it used properly as a noun?

3 years ago
Reply to  Rich

yes it is.
hard sell

Teresa F Wright
Teresa F Wright
2 years ago

Are the any boats for sale? wrong?

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