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PREMIER vs PREMIERE: How to Use Premiere vs Premier Correctly

Premier vs Premiere!!! What’s the difference between Premiere vs Premier? Premiere and premier are homophones. They are only one letter (“e”) apart from each other but have different meanings and usages.

Premier vs Premiere

Premier or Premiere? When do you use Premier vs Premiere?

Premier Definition and Examples

Premier functions as a noun or an adjective.

  • As an adjective, it means first in status or importance; principal or chief.
  • As a noun, it means a prime minister or a chief administrative officer.

Premier Examples:

  • He’s one of the nation’s premier scientists.
  • The company has achieved a premier position in the electronics field.
  • It’s becoming one of the premier events.
  • He was deputized as premier during the premier’s absence.
  • He has acquired a reputation as this country’s premier solo violinist.
  • Can you arrange a meeting with the premier?
  • He is doing a second year as premier.
  • He requested that the Premier grant him an interview.
  • The Premier deputed the Foreign Minister to act as his deputy.
  • She was the first woman to hold the office of Australian state premier.

Premiere Definition and Examples

Premiere functions as a verb or a noun.

  • As a noun, it means the first public performance, such as a movie or play.
  • As a verb, it means to present the first public performance.

Premiere Examples:

  • The premiere on Monday is sold out.
  • We went to the premiere of their new presentation.
  • The movie will have its premiere in July.
  • The world premiere will be in Los Angeles next year.
  • I’ve been invited to the premiere of the new Schliessman play.
  • The opera had its world premiere in March.
  • A flock of celebrities was expected at the movie’s premiere.
  • Lots of celebrities were at the film premiere.
  • He will premiere the full work with the Nashville and Seattle symphonies in late June.
  • The women’s magazine is scheduled to premiere tomorrow.

Difference between Premiere vs Premier | Infographic

Premier or Premiere – What’s the Difference between Premier vs Premiere

Premier vs PremierePin

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