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PAYED vs PAID: Useful Difference between Paid vs Payed

Payed vs Paid!!! In this lesson, we show the difference between paid vs payed and how to use them in a sentence with examples and ESL infographic.

Payed vs Paid

Understandably, interchanging paid and payed is an easy mistake to make—one that tends to slip by some writers.

When to Use Payed

Payed is used in a nautical context and relates to ships or ropes, chains, cables, cords, etc.

When to Use Paid

Paid is the past tense and past participle of the verb “pay”, which means exchanging money for a product.

Paid Examples:

  • paid £100 for the damage and I hope that’s the last I’ll hear of it.
  • His monthly salary is paid in the bank by his employer.
  • It’s an interesting job. The only snag is that it’s not very well paid.

Payed vs Paid Examples

  • She sold the car before she had paid the installments.
  • Have they been paid the money due to them?
  • The food cost £4, but I only paid £3 so I still owe £1.
  • Your last month’s salary will be paid by remittance.
  • He paid off the debt of his friend with the money raised by his writings.
  • She gets paid seven dollars an hour.
  • We’ve all paid our fair share except Portia, who’s never got any money.
  • Don’t let the children jump around on the sofa. I paid good money for that.
  • paid only 3000 for this used car but it’s worth a lot more.
  • Donald was paid more than he really earns.
  • Can you lend me some money to tide me over until I get paid?
  • The insurance company paid out for the stolen jewelry and silver.

Difference between Paid vs Payed | Infographic

Confused Words: Payed vs Paid Difference

Payed vs PaidPin

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3 years ago

Can you provide examples with the “payed”?

Last edited 3 years ago by Kat
3 years ago

Can you provide examples with the word “payed”?

2 years ago

The use of the word “Payed” is not well adressed in this article. There aren’t examples to support and understand its use.

In practice, Paid is the past & participle form of Pay while the word “Payed” doesn’t exist.

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