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MS vs MRS: How to Use Mrs. vs Ms. Correctly?

Ms vs Mrs!!! Ms. and Mrs. are both used to refer to a woman, used with her last name. However, they are not interchangeable terms.

Ms vs Mrs

Ms or Mrs? How to use Mrs vs Ms correctly?

When to Use Ms.

Ms. is used to refer to:

  • A woman is over 25.
  • You don’t know whether she is married or not.
  • She is married but adopts her maiden name.

Ms. Examples:

  • Ms. Kane is talking to someone else now.
  • I commend Ms. Orth on writing such an informative article.
  • Please give my greeting to Ms. Macleod.
  • Ms. Kelly is currently assisting another customer. May I help you?
  • Ms. Knight refused to accept the manager’s apology.
  • This is Ms. Darnell, the hospital’s nursing coordinator.

When to Use Mrs.

Mrs. is used to refer to:

  • A woman is married.
  • She adopts her husband’s surname.

Mrs. Examples:

  • I am delighted to make your acquaintanceMrs. Baker.
  • Mr. Harris and Mrs. Bate and three other teachers were there.
  • Mrs. Smith is too contrary to make friends easily.
  • Mrs. Jones is at home on Thursday.
  • I’d like to speak to Mrs. Jones, please.
  • On a railway journey, Mrs. Johnson liked to sit facing toward the engine.

How to Use Mrs vs Ms Correctly | Infographic

Confused Words: Difference between Ms vs Mrs

Ms vs MrsPin

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