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LED vs LEAD: How to Use Lead vs Led in English?

LED vs LEAD!!! What’s the Difference between Lead vs Led?


Led or Lead? When to Use Lead or Led?

The verbs Lead and Led are homophones.

When to Use LED

  • Led is the past tense of lead
  • It is defined as to show the way by going in advance; to guide or direct in a course.

LED Examples:

  • The receptionist led the way to the boardroom.
  • He led us to his home.
  • He led them away from a marsh.
  • These causes led to a bad result.
  • The alley led to the railway bridge.
  • She led the children into the zoo.

When to Use LEAD

Lead can be used as a noun or a verb.

  • As a noun, it is a metal.
  • As a verb, it means to take charge or show the way.

LEAD Examples:

  • Bad planning will lead to difficulty later.
  • The road will lead you back to the garden.
  • Don’t worry, I won’t lead you astray.
  • Lead and tin are malleable metals.
  • Many cars run on petrol which contains lead.
  • Lead will fuse at quite a low temperature.

Lead vs Led – When to Use Led or Lead | Infographic

Lead or Led – Difference between Led vs Lead

Led vs LeadPin

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Nancy Adams
Nancy Adams
4 years ago

Thanks for this. I’ve been teaching high school for four decades and kids never used to have this problem. Now, there are LED (light-emitting diodes) that they’re more familiar with so they figure they can’t use the same thing for a past tense. I’d like to find that elementary teacher who’s telling them this. I thing he or she is also the one telling them that to make ANY plural, you just add apostrophe-S.

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