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INSURE vs ENSURE: What’s the Difference between Ensure vs Insure?

Insure vs Ensure!!! How to use Ensure vs Insure in English? In this article, we learn the difference between insure and ensure and how to use them correctly with some examples.

Insure vs Ensure

Insure or Ensure? How to use Ensure or Insure correctly?

Insure and ensure are common words that are often confused and interchanged. When you understand the difference, it’s easy to avoid this error. Let’s discuss the difference between these two commonly confused words.

Insure Definition and Examples

  • Insure is a verb.
  • It means to guard against harm or loss.
  • It related to the noun insurance.

Insure Examples:

  • No one can insure you from failure.
  • It is advisable to insure your life against accident.
  • Check your work to insure its accuracy.
  • Many companies won’t insure young drivers.
  • I’ll take more care to insure against making mistakes.
  • An insurance company will insure your life.

Ensure Definition and Examples

  • Ensure is also a verb.
  • It means to make safe or certain.

Ensure Examples:

  • I will ensure that the car arrives at six o’clock.
  • Wash regularly to ensure personal hygiene.
  • The campaign will hopefully ensure the survival of the tiger.
  • The airline is taking steps to ensure safety on its aircraft.
  • The price is low to ensure a quick sale.
  • We must ensure the continuity of fuel supplies.

Ensure or Insure | When to Use Ensure vs Insure | Infographic

Insure or Ensure – Difference between Insure vs Ensure

Insure vs EnsurePin

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3 years ago

In the examples above, it seems that the tiger’s survival should require the use of “insure” rather than “ensure”. Have I missed something?

1 year ago

In the above, I would want to ensure my work was done correctly for the sake of accuracy.

If I was a doctor, I might want to insure my work in case I would be sued?

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