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FURTHER vs FARTHER: Basic Difference between Farther vs Further

Further vs Farther!!! When do you use Further or Farther? Learn the difference between further and farther with examples and ESL infographic.

Further vs Farther

Farther or Further? How to use Farther vs Further in English?

Further and farther are commonly confused words in English. Both further and farther mean “at a greater distance”. However, in the US, further refers to figurative distances and farther refers to physical distances.

How to Use Further

  • Further refers to figurative, abstract, or metaphorical distances.
  • It can be an adverb, an adjective, or even a verb.
  • When used as a verb, it means to promote a cause.

Further Examples:

  • There is room for further improvement in English.
  • Please contact our agent in Spain for further information.
  • We will help you further.
  • Her departure pre-empted any further questions.
  • We expect to see further improvement over the coming year.
  • It provided the spur to further research.

How to Use Farther

  • Farther refers to physical distance.
  • It’s used as an adjective or an adverb.

Farther Examples:

  • Shall we go farther?
  • We can’t go any farther without resting.
  • Rome is farther from London than Paris is.
  • I can throw the ball farther than you can.
  • How much farther is it to the airport?
  • It was farther to the shops than I expected.

Further or Farther | Difference between Further and Farther | Infographic

Farther vs Further – When to Use Further vs Farther

Further vs FartherPin

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