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FLIER vs FLYER: Useful Differences between Flyer and Flier

Flier vs Flyer!!! Some have called the English language one of the most confusing because of the number of irregularities in spelling. Flyer and flier most likely resulted in two different spellings because of these irregularities.

Flier vs Flyer

Flyer and flier are, essentially, used interchangeably. They are used as nouns to refer to people or things that fly, as well as small, one-page advertisements or announcements that are meant to disseminate information quickly.

When to Use Flier

The noun flier describes something or someone that flies. (In the United States, flier is occasionally used to denote a leaflet. However, flyer is more widely accepted for a leaflet.)

Flier examples:

  • The flier is flying a new – type jet plane on trial.
  • He took a flier in politics soon after getting his degree.
  • Do you have to print on a flier for everything?

When to Use Flyer

The word flyer is a noun meaning leaflet, pamphlet, or handbill.

Flyer examples:

  • To call Michael Lawrence a high flyer would be an understatement.
  • It was good to be a flyer, up above it all, godlike in your vision.
  • The flyer about the rally is taped to the wall behind the counter.

Flier vs Flyer Examples

  • At work, he was a high flier and his salary was commensurate with his ability.
  • A local Navy flier was reported missing in action.
  • It’s apparent camouflage, outside a happy purple sock, inside the guts of a flier.
  • A high flier may have an impossible hope for the future.
  • He took his first flying lessons there and passed the test to become a flier.
  • He was clumsy, not yet a flyer, but already a good hopper.
  • I, naturally, had to read from the program flyer.
  • He knew now that he himself would never have made a flyer.
  • Things got a little rough, and Manty decided to take a flyer.
  • Please see the flyer enclosed with this issue for details.

Difference between Flier vs Flyer Infographic

Commonly Confused Words in English: Flier vs Flyer

Flier vs FlyerPin

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E Bywater
E Bywater
1 year ago

Your Flyer for flier vs flyer is very confusing. Three of the four examples for flyer don’t match its definition, they match the definition for flier!

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