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EVERYONE vs EVERYBODY: How to Use Everybody vs Everyone in Sentences?

Everyone vs Everybody!!! What’s the difference between everybody vs everyone? The key difference between everyone vs everybody is everyone is more formal than everybody and more common in written language.

Everyone vs Everybody

“Everyone” and “everybody” are indefinite pronouns. They can be used interchangeably although there is a slight difference between them based on their usage.

When to Use Everyone

  • Everyone is an indefinite pronoun.
  • It refers to each person in the group.
  • It is more formal than everybody and more common in written language.

Everyone Examples:

  • His name’s Hiroshi but everyone calls him Hiro.
  • Everyone is laughing at me behind my back.
  • The sweetness of her manners made everyone like her.
  • Everyone will have an opportunity to comment.
  • There aren’t enough books for everyone to have one each.
  • Her speech made a profound impact on everyone.

When to Use Everybody

  • Everybody is also an indefinite pronoun.
  • It refers to a group of people.
  • It is less formal than everyone and more common in spoken language.

Everybody Examples:

  • Everybody was in a very relaxed and jolly mood.
  • He told everybody he saw the news.
  • I’m sure that everybody will miss him very much.
  • I’d asked everybody but only two people came.
  • She wanted to tell everybody about her secret.
  • The police questioned everybody in the room.

Difference between Everybody vs Everyone | Infographic

Confused Words: Difference between Everyone vs Everybody

Everyone vs EverybodyPin

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